Romney Marsh lifestyle product shoot

Romney Marsh Wools lifestyle product shoot.


Located between the beautiful Kent and East Sussex countryside, the RomneyMarsh Shepard Huts awaited me for our Romney Marsh Wools product shoot – with vast fields and undisturbed landscapes, I knew the day was going to be epic.

Romney Marsh Wools was founded in 2008 through a solid belief to raise awareness of all the benefits that wool can bring, and it was a joy to capture all of the products that had been hand-processed with the utmost care and quality. Taking images of the products in their homeland, surrounded by the sheep  which had contributed to the products, was magical – the haze on the horizon and the tranquillity in the air really made the products from Romney Marsh Wools come to life. Wool being natural has so many excellent advantages as it is renewable, sustainable and extremely versatile. The range is created from home-grown fleeces, right from the sheep on the Marsh, from which are carefully handpicked of the highest quality, and then hand-processed by UK weavers and local artisans to make the broad range, which you can enjoy while staying in the Shepherds Huts on the Marsh!

The products really came to life when placing them where their conception was first formed. These beautiful homegrown products fitted right in with the cosy Shepard huts on site – perfect for anyone staying in the Huts on a weekend retreat. The day was such a joy, and getting to see so many different products made from sheep wool was incredible – I just wish the day lasted longer!

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A red haired woman holds a wooden pillow made by romney marsh wools

A young red haired woman wearing woolen mittens by Romney Marsh Wools A young red haired woman siting on the bed in one of Romney Marsh Wools lookers huts A young woman looks out of the door way of a shepherds huts on Romney Marsh during a lifestyle product shoot by Matilda Delves